Mission & Vision

Chavalos de Aquí y Allá  celebrates almost a decade of transnational organizing and local youth development.  Current programming includes the teaching of traditional dance and folklore, Central American poetry and professional dance showcases, all of which benefits Chavalos transnational humanitarian aide efforts - making Chavalos one of the most multidimensional and creative Central American nonprofit organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Our goal is to bring together Bay Area youth to form a support system for under resourced youth who live in extreme poverty in rural areas of Nicaragua by providing clothes, meals, toys, school supplies, and other necessities . We continue to do this through community outreach, organizing and by promoting Nicaraguan culture in and around the Bay Area. 

Chavalos is also committed to providing San Francisco youth and adults with quality professional dance training.  Through our dance program, Chavalos Danzas por Nicaragua, participants learn about the intersectionality between the cultural performing arts and community building. Chavalos showcases our cultural traditions and teaching at our yearly programming: El Güegüense, Paseo Masaya, La Cultura Cura, and Noche Bohemia.